Bosses pocket higher pay amid cost-of-living headaches

12 June

Executives at some of Australia’s largest companies have received double-digit pay rises as workers face rising cost-of-living pressures. A report on board and executive pay among ASX-listed companies, released on Tuesday by the Governance...[Read More]

Australian workers lead AI race but do not trust it

12 June

More Australian office workers are using artificial intelligence tools than their peers in the UK, US or France but most still do not trust the technology to get tasks done. Slack released the findings from a survey of desk workers in six countries,...[Read More]

PM blasts opposition for shifting goals on climate

12 June

Australia’s climate debate is heating up again as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese slams an opposition plan to water down emissions targets if elected. The coalition still wants to reach net zero by 2050 but leader Peter Dutton plans to ditch the...[Read More]

Coalition gains on Labor as cost-of-living crisis bites

12 June

The coalition is catching up to Labor fresh polling shows, as Australians feel the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis. The opposition’s primary vote has risen two points to 39 per cent in the latest Newspoll, conducted for The Australian between...[Read More]

Top 10 tips to improve your job interview responses

6 June

Preparing for an interview involves carefully planning your responses. Certain words, although seemingly positive, are best avoided.    Some are clichéd and overused, while others may unintentionally downplay your abilities. Hiring managers have...[Read More]

‘Nonsense’: tradies left off skilled migration list

5 June

The inclusion of yoga instructors and dog handlers on a draft list of priority migrant skills in the middle of a housing crisis has been labelled as nonsense by the federal opposition. Trades, including plumbers and bricklayers, remain under...[Read More]

Billion-dollar deal the right prescription for chemists

5 June

A multi-billion-dollar boost to pharmacies has been locked in for the next five years following a deal between the federal government and chemists. The latest community pharmacy agreement was signed off by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the...[Read More]

Experts want more big solar projects, less nuke talk

5 June

Governments and industry bodies need to stop getting distracted by debates over nuclear power and start investing in large-scale solar projects to keep up with electricity demand, a summit has been told. The Clean Energy Council’s Australian...[Read More]

Energy communities will be backed by a net-zero body

5 June

Coal and gas workers in areas where power plants are shutting down will soon have an agency to support the shift to new jobs in the renewables sector. Federal laws establishing the Net Zero Economy Authority passed the House of Representatives on...[Read More]

Realising Success: The Profound Fulfillment of Making a Difference in the World

30 May

The moment you realise you’ve made it in this world is a profound and multifaceted experience, encompassing more than just financial success.    It’s a deep sense of fulfilment, a culmination of your hard work, perseverance, and the impact...[Read More]

Essential End-of-Year Tax Tips: Maximise Your Savings for Businesses and Individuals

30 May

The financial year is drawing to a close, which means tax time is just around the corner! To help you get ready for the new financial year, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of practical tips and advice for this period.    Whether you’re a...[Read More]

Top 10 tips for developing a business exit strategy: Business Succession and Estate Planning

30 May

Given all the hard work that building up a business takes, it can be hard to say goodbye – so it’s important to do it right.    Developing an exit strategy well in advance allows you to have control over your small business’s future while...[Read More]

Coal, gas communities should not be left behind: PM

29 May

Australia has a responsibility to coal and gas communities to transition into other industries ahead of power stations closing down, the prime minister says. As federal parliament debates laws that would set up an agency to manage the energy...[Read More]

Maximising tax savings: Top 10 End of Financial Year tips and the value of professional advice

23 May

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is a critical period for individuals and businesses alike. Proper planning and organisation can lead to significant tax savings and ensure compliance with tax laws.    Here are ten essential EOFY tax tips and...[Read More]

Call to expand reasons to ignore boss in new work laws

22 May

A worker’s right to ignore unreasonable out-of-hours contact from their boss should expressly include when they are on approved leave as well as staffing arrangements, the peak union body says. Right to disconnect laws passed by the Albanese...[Read More]